Hygiene Therapy

We are fortunate to have qualified dental hygiene therapists within our team.

They work closely with the dentists using the most up to date national guidelines to treat and maintain good oral health.

A dental therapist can carry out many of the treatments that a dentist can.

Furthermore, they are trained to educate patients and parents on oral and general health by promoting oral disease prevention, diet advice and smoking cessation.

For adult patients they can provide a wide range of NHS and private treatments including;

  • routine scale and polish to more advanced gum treatments,
  • give local anaesthetic,
  • fillings in amalgam and composite (white fillings),
  • take impressions and
  • X-rays.

For child and young adult patients they provide routine treatment on baby teeth including;

  • fluoride varnish,
  • fissure sealants,
  • stainless steel crowns,
  • fillings,
  • nerve treatment and
  • extractions

Please call to book a hygiene appointment on 01563 521993.


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